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How to Play

Word Thief is a strategic word game. The player with the most points at the end of the two minute round wins.

How to Score Points

Scoring points in Word Thief is simple. Each turn, points equal to the amount of letters in the word you are currently playing is added to your total score. The longer the word, the more points you earn each second!

Point Modifiers

To promote using new words, you earn bonus points the first ten second of using a word that has never been discovered. Similarly, to avoid players using the same word the entire game, after thirty seconds, the value of your word will be significantly reduced. Keep track of the symbols in your tile (the purple one)! A plus sign means you are earning bonus points, and a minus sign means it is time to switch out your word!

Stealing Words

Why would this game be named Word Thief if it didn't involve stealing? Next to each player's name on the score board, the number of letters in the word they are using is displayed. Use this information to try to play the same word they are using. Keep guessing words until you hear "Stolen!". When you steal a word from someone, they are no longer able to use it!

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